2023 Hearthstone Core Set: Revamped Keywords & Cards

Once again, a new year begins on Hearthstone bringing many changes.
Among them, the Core Set evolves in 2023 by adding new mechanics and seeing some cards linked to it.

Planned Du Coup may be that of the priest, but it especially marks the arrival of exchangeable cards.

Some exchanges and a little magnetism

This Dannie start is marked by the keyword exchangeable in the fundamental, as well as magnetism.
The latter is not planned to stay, but will boost the launch.
It is the keyword allowing mesas to merge to transmit their characteristics and keywords to other mesas entities.
Obviously, this signs the return of William in the rotation of available cards.


The exchangeable cards can be returned to the bottom of the deck to draw another card.
They offer real comfort during the parties, allowing to look for solutions more effectively.
In addition to arrive in the Core set, it is also a keyword which will be permanently integrated into the game. News having it are therefore planned over the extensions.

A priest in great shape

Announced for the extension of the Legends Day, the keyword surplus of the priest of the priest also in the core set of 2023. This small bonus is added to make the class more interesting, but above all more effective in the exploration of extensions.
She tended to be either too strong or too weak, never finding a happy medium.
This keyword should allow it to have a new unique advantage to make it more competitive.
These first changes will make it possible to see the class evolution and DY apply the necessary changes over time.