Elden ring

Elden Ring: 20 Million Copies Sold, FromSoftware Sends Message to Players – GotY 2022 Phenomenon

Freshly haloed by the status of Got 2022, Elden Ring has become a real phenomenon that the Form software Studio probably had not anticipated;
At least, not in its proportions.
The game has just crossed the incredible threshold of 20 million copies sold worldwide, and this in just one year of operation.


We are indeed soon on the date of his first anniversary and Elden Ring does not seem to decrease in terms of interest.
We remember in September last, the game had reached the 17.5 million copies sold, which means that 2.5 million copies have sold in the past 5 months.
The opportunity for developers to leave a message of thanks on its social networks.
Regarding the content of the game, Elden Ring benefited from a 1.08 update deployed at the end of last year, allowing to add the Colossus mode and allow more PVP fights.